tiistai 13. marraskuuta 2012

John McAfeeta etsitään murhasta

McAfee-virustorjuntayhtiön perustaja John McAfee on etsintäkuulutettuna murhasta Belizessä. Paikallinen poliisi epäilee, että 67-vuotias McAfee murhasi maanmiehensä Gregory Faullin.

McAfee, 67, is the prime suspect in a murder discovered Sunday morning in Belize. Convinced that he’ll be killed if he’s taken into custody for questioning, the millionaire antivirus pioneer has gone into hiding somewhere in the Central American nation, where he moved in 2008 to retire. Starting at 10:30 this morning, Belize time, he has been calling to tell me his side of the story.
McAfee blames the death of the dogs on the Belizean authorities, with whom he has been tangling for months. In April, the Gang Suppression Unit raided his property on the mainland and accused him of manufacturing methamphetamine and possessing unlicensed weapons. Those charges were dropped but McAfee believes that the government has a vendetta against him. He believes the death of his dogs was just another attempt to get him to leave the country.

John McAfee asuu Belizessä, joka on veroparatiisi.

Belizen maine ei käsittääkseni ole kovin hyvä ja mitenkään suositeltava paikka se ei ole, koska se on varsinainen ongelma pesäke.



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