perjantai 12. huhtikuuta 2013

Deep Learning

Deep Learning on yksi tekoälytutkimuksen suuntaus.
In the ’90s and onto the 2000s, deep learning research was at a low ebb. The artificial intelligence community moved toward systems that solved problems by crunching massive amounts of data, rather than trying to build “neural networks” that mimicked the subtler aspects of the human brain. Google’s search engine was a prime example of system that took a short-cut around deep learning, and the American search giant is using a similar approach with its self-driving cars. But now, deep learning research is coming back into favor, and Google is among those driving the field forward.

Baidu on mm. aktiivinen deep learningissä. Googlella on yhteistyötä mm. D-Waven kanssa, koska ilmeisesti D-Waven kvanttitietokone soveltuu koneoppimiseen.

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