lauantai 14. tammikuuta 2012

Cell Sonyn uuteen PS4?

Jatkaako Sony Cellin tiellä PS4 kanssa?
I believe that Sony will add more SPEs to have an overall amount of 16 SPEs as this has an optimal power to heat ratio if manufactured at 32nm. It should consume the same amount of energy as the 90nm Cell processor found in the 60/20Gb PS3s. 1 will be disabled for yield purposes and 1 will be reserved for security purposes. If this cell processor is made then it should start at 32nm as Sony are already at work shrinking the PS3's cell to 32nm. At 32nm they could double the local store for each SPE to 512KiB which will add much more performance for games.

Luultavasti Sony jatkaa Cellin käyttöä PS4:ssa mutta miten sitä on paranneltua jää nähtäväksi. IBM:llä on olemassa Cellistä 64 bittinen versio eli se voisi tulla kyseeseen.

Celliä on pidetty vaikeana ohjelmoida.

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