maanantai 16. tammikuuta 2012

Linuxin markkinaosuus kasvussa

"While Apple and Microsoft are all working hard to break current paradigms, Linux and only Linux offers a choice of user interface paradigms," noted blogger Chris Travers. "This is a huge factor because it means that many users, when they choose to migrate, will eventually feel more comfortable with Linux than with future versions of the operating systems they are on, so these numbers will only increase, perhaps dramatically."

Linuxin markkinaosuus työpöytäkäytössä on nousussa. Mobiilissahan Linux (eli Android) on jo pitkään ollut ykkönen ja sama on nyt tapahtumassa myös työpöydällä.
After dipping to 0.97 percent in July, Linux rose to 1.07 percent in August, 1.11 percent in September, 1.19 percent in October, and 1.31 percent in November, Net Applications reports, followed by the new high of 1.41 percent last month.

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