maanantai 26. maaliskuuta 2012

Sonyltä Tegra 2 Chrome kannettava

Documents submitted to the FCC reveal that Sony is preparing to launch a VAIO laptop with Google's Chrome OS operating system. The new Chromebook has an 11.6-inch display, WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity, USB ports, an HDMI output, and SD card slot.

Sonyltä saattaa olla tulossa Yhdysvaltojen markkinoille Nvidia Tegra 2 Chrome pohjainen kannettava.

Undaunted, in a second attempt, Sony sedulously presented the new media player NSZ-G27 at this year's CES. However, there's no Atom inside it, but a dual-core ARM processor, probably from Marvell. The devices are scheduled to launch in the US and Europe this summer and are supposed to help Google TV 2.0 (Android 3.1) succeed this time. Seemingly, though, Intel's Atoms haven't been invited to the party, Google only mentioned ARM. The Bermudan company Marvell was apparently able to sink Intel's whole fleet of Atoms with its Armada 1500HD. It's no small irony that the hearts of these chips are successors of the Xscale processor, which Intel sold to Marvell for $600 million in 2006.
Googlella ja Sonyllä on muutenkin laajalti hankkeita menossa: Google TV, Chrome...

Jotain huhuja oli jossain vaiheessa, että Sony Playstation 3 olisi tullut Chrome mutta ilmeisesti näin ei kuitenkaan ole vaikkei se mahdotonta olisi yritysten laajan yhteistyön takia.

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