keskiviikko 25. huhtikuuta 2012

Bluebiit 7"

Hirvox myy Bluebiit 7" 158€.

Näytön resoluutio jää epäselväksi mainoksesta mutta muuten vaikuttaa ihan hyvältä valinnalta halpaa tablettia etsivälle. Prosessorina on ilmeisesti Allwinnerin prosessori.
The Allwinner A10 CPU has been developed in, and is sold in, the People's Republic of China. Its mass-volume price is around $7, yet it is a 400-pin highly feature-rich 1.2ghz ARM Cortex A8 with a MALI400 GPU. It has the distinction of having the highest bang-per-buck ratio of any SoC available at the time of writing, by quite a margin. Its price and features is causing massive disruption of the tablet market in China (a minor recession was caused by widespread cancellation of prior committments to other SoCs!), as every factory in Shenzen scrambles to compete with hundreds of other factories for the same end-user market: tablets and PVRs.

7 dollarilla ei nopeampaa prosessoria saa.


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