perjantai 11. tammikuuta 2013

Android jääkaappi

In Chinese manufacturer Hisense's booth, I found a new fridge running Android 3.2 (3.2!) and a surreptitiously Android-powered air conditioner. The fridge's screen lets you run a bunch of custom apps, including one which tracks the freshness of your food after you check it in with a bar-code scanner built into the door. The fridge also runs a diet app, grocery list, notepad, and a terrific power-management app which lets you see how much energy your fridge is using and schedule it to run its compressor at cheaper times.,2817,2414179,00.asp

Android sopii myös uuneihin ja jääkaappeihin. Maailmassa ei ole paikkaa mihin Android ei mahtuisi.

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