lauantai 9. maaliskuuta 2013

Kiinasta neliydin puhelimia

First of all the Neo N003 will be a 5-inch full HD phone. Earlier we had reported that Neo had announced a 720 resolution, and then were having a poll to see what customers wanted. It now appears the decision has been made and that the N003 will feature a 1920 x 1080 HD screen!

Currently the cheapest 1080p phone on the market is the iOcean X7 ‘Youth’ at 999 Yuan ($160) but this will all change once the Neo N003 arrives on sale at prices starting at just 899 Yuan! ($144). A flagship version of the phone will also go on sale at around 1499 Yuan ($241), quite a jump in price, and it will be interesting to see what the extra $100 will buy you!

Kiinasta tulee halpoja 4-ydin puhelimia.
Tietojen mukaan puhelimen pitäisi tarjova viiden tuuman kosketusnäyttö 1920×1080 pikselin Full HD -tarkkuudella, neliytiminen MediaTekin MT6589 -suoritinsiru, 13 megapikselin kamera sekä 3 000 milliampeeritunnin akku.

Voisi ajatella, että neliydinsuoritin on ainakin halvimmissa neliydinmalleissa esim. Cortex A5 tai A7 perustuva eikä Cortex A9:ään.

Mediatek 6589 on Cortex A7.
According to benchmarks from thinkdigit, the phone gets an Antutu score of about 13148 and a GLBenchmark Egypt score of 4866. While it’s hardly the fastest phone around, it’s a relatively inexpensive option that’s speedy enough to handle almost any Android game or app you can throw at it. suorituskyky on lähes yhtä kova kuin Samsung Galaxy SIII:ssä.
Cortex A7 on kuitenkin energiatehokkaampi kuin Cortex A9.

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