sunnuntai 26. kesäkuuta 2011

Seagatelta ensimmäinen kovalevy tabletteihin

Momentus Thin drive, gives users 250GB of capacity, eight times more than a standard 32GB tablet but at the same cost, according to Seagate. The Momentus Thin is world's first ultra-thin 2.5” hard drive that is 7mm thick for ultra-portables including tablets and slim laptops. The Seagate Momentus Thin hard drive offers 320GB, 250GB and 160GB capacities, 7200RPM and 5400RPM spin speeds with 16MB of cache. Optionally, it can sport U.S government-grade (FIPS 140-2 certified) encryption to protect computer data.

Uusi tablettikovalevy on ensimmäiseksi laitettu Archosin uusiin tabletteihin. Kovalevy sopii myös kevyt kannettaviin.

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