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sunnuntai 28. marraskuuta 2021

Kvanttitietokoneet ja salaus

Tulevaisuudessa kvanttitietokoneet voivat murtaa monet nykyteknologialla murtamattomat salaukset.

Nations and large companies, alike, are investing billions of dollars in quantum computing. While the technology promises to allow uncrackable communications, it also poses a likely threat to current digital infrastructure based on the latest encryption. Symmetric-key encryption, for example, could be cracked more easily using quantum computing, but it can be scaled up to larger key sizes to foil efforts. Public-key encryption, however, will almost certainly be broken by quantum computers in the future.

Such attacks will not be seen for at least five years and likely not a decade either, but they could pose a threat in 20 or 30 years, said Michele Mosca, CEO of evolutionQ, at last week's SecTor. About 83% of quantum-computing experts currently experimenting with the technology believe that breaking RSA-2048 encryption in less than 24 hours is a challenge that will not be solved in a decade, but the same percentage believe the milestone will be reached in less than 30 years, Mosca said.

Yleisesti tiedossa on, että NSA ja muut keräävät tietoa ja varastoivat sen sitä aikakautta varten kun kvanttiteknologia mahdollistaa niiden salauksen purkamisen.

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