sunnuntai 24. heinäkuuta 2011

PCM:llä toteutettu neuraali synopsi

While many have claimed and suggested that amorphous memory and threshold switches might be able to emulate functions in the neural network, this latest work from Stanford is a serious device-based physical example [1]. The experimental evidence presented supports the claim by the authors that, to their knowledge, “this is the first demonstration of a single element electronic synapse with the capability of the modulation of the time constant and the realization of the different STDP (Spike-timing Dependant Plasticity) kernels.” If, going forward, the dreams of neural network emulation are to be fully realized, the challenges to PCM device designers in terms of precision, discrimination and scaling will exceed, by far, anything that has been accomplished to date.

Toinen missä on edistytty on memristorilla toteutetut neuraaliverkot.

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