sunnuntai 10. heinäkuuta 2011

Project SpiNNaker

The answer, according to Furber's SpiNNaker project, which is being done in conjunction with Andrew Brown of the University of Southampton, is that an ARM core can simulate the activities of around 1,000 spiking neurons. And the SpiNNaker project is going to attempt to build a supercomputer cluster with 1 million processors to simulate the activities of around 1 billion neurons. Depending on who you ask – and who you are talking about, how old they are, and how much drinking and brown acid they have done – the human brain has somewhere on the order of 80 to 90 billion neurons. So even with the impressive million-core SpiNNaker machine, Furber and Brown are only going to be able to simulate about 1 per cent of the complexity inherent in the human brain.

Armin alkuperäisiin suunnittelijoihin kuuluva Steve Furber aikoo rakentaa miljoonan Arm ytimen tietokoneen simuloimaan ihmisaivoja.

Furberin mukaan kone pystyisi simuloimaan 1% ihmisen koko aivojen neuronimassasta.

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