lauantai 24. syyskuuta 2011

Teknologia ja sarjakuva: kuinka Steve Jobs tuhosi kokonaisen elämäntavan

Cartooning is, to me, an art form of simplification. The artist uses a minimal amount of lines to communicate characters and place to a reader. Mouths are often oddly-shaped black holes. Cartoon evolution often does away with lips, body hair, elbows. Eyebrows are reduced to lines. Eyes become dots. A background might be a line indicating where the floor and wall meet. Maybe a squiggle of distant trees, or a cloud. Maybe just a flat field of color. Cartooning is also about communicating an idea in the briefest terms possible. It is literally a shorthand form of storytelling. If you’re making a comic strip, and that joke takes place in a restaurant and the setting is important to the joke or narrative, you damn well better explain that as quickly as possible in the first frame so you can get on with what you’ve got to say. In short, in gag cartooning things need to be made apparent.

Hieno artikkeli kuinka kokonaisen taidemuodon ilmaisu joutuu kriisiin Applen ja Steve Jobsin laatikoiden takia.

Taide kuvastaa yhteiskunnallista muutosta ja sen poikkeuksellista rajuutta.

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