keskiviikko 24. lokakuuta 2012

PS3 LV0 avaimet julkaistu

A statement from a group called The Three Musketeers put out a statement on October 22 stating that they had been sitting on the LV0 keys for the system for some time. However, someone leaked their keys to a hacking group based in China called BlueDisk-CFW, who put out a custom firmware (CFW), and was going to charge for further custom firmwares, based off of their work. They decided to release the keys along with a statement decrying the initial leak that allowed BlueDisk-CFW to sell custom firmwares.
How damaging this latest security breach will actually prove to be is debatable, as it really only affects people who are already running custom firmwares and the PS3 is approaching the end of its lifespan anyway. Even so, it's apt proof that in the face of a truly determined adversary, no security measure is foolproof.

Sony PS3 on ilmeisesti aukaistu lopullisesti eli siihen tulee mahdolliseksi tehdä kaikenlaista softaa.

Sony ei ehkä pysty muuttamaan laitteiden master keytä ainakaan helposti uudeksi. Tietysti uusien pelien kanssa voitaisiin toimittaa jonkinlainen USB dongle joka tarvittaisiin pelien pelaamiseen.

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