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Apple Siri

Spencer, I started out as a gleam in the eye of Darpa, the Pentagon’s far-out research agency, as your Wired colleague Steven Levy tweeted. Darpa thought my artificial-intelligence algorithms for data collection and organization could help the military plan better. Would you like me to find you some references for that?

Sirillä on Darpa tausta.

As it turns out, Siri — the voice-activated data assistant available on Apple’s iPhone upgrade — is a veteran. Nearly 10 years ago, Darpa funded a project known as PAL, for Personalized Assistant that Learns. It was an adaptive AI program for both data retrieval and data synthesis. (So not entirely like search, but not dissimilar, either.) If you told PAL what information you needed, and it observed what you did with that information, it would figure out a more efficient path to acquiring and sorting relevant information the next time around.

Siri on siis erittäin kehittynyt tekoäly. Nokialla ja Microsoftilla ei ole ilmeisesti tarjota mitään vastaavaa. Siri on siis ensimmäinen keskusteleva puhetta ymmärtävä ja puhuva tekoäly, vähän kuin 2001 HAL.

Siri ei siis ole puheentunnistusjärjestelmä vaan huomattavasti monipuolisempi tekoälyavustaja.

"Siri may be the beginning of Skynet," wrote Twitter user @KingJamesVrsn. "I swear, if my iPhone asks me if I am Sarah Connor..."
That wasn't the site's only reference to the famous scene in which Arnold Schwarzenegger, as a robot assassin, hunts for Linda Hamilton's Connor. In fact, "Skynet" was briefly a trending topic Tuesday on the microblogging site, which tends to buzz during high-profile tech events like the Apple announcement.

Sirillä on militaaritausta kuten Skynetilläkin oli/on, ehkä Siri on Skynetin lapsi.

Skynet kännyyn ei ole mikään pikkujuttu vai mitä?


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