torstai 27. lokakuuta 2011

HP ja Arm

Hewlett-Packard Co., the largest computer maker, is planning to sell servers based on ARM Holdings Plc technology, two people familiar with the matter said, posing a challenge to Intel Corp.'s dominance.

Armilta on tulossa Arm A15 ja A15 on jo varsin kehittynyt. A15 pitäisi tuke 40-bittistä muistinosoitusta eli se ei ole 64-bittinen prosessori mutta kuitenkin tehokkaampi kuin 32-bittinen.

HP isn’t the only top-tier server OEM to consider ARM-based chips. Forrest Norrod, vice president and general manager of Dell’s Data Center Solutions unit, told eWEEK in an interview this summer that his company is keeping an eye on developments, and usually has test systems powered by non-x86 chips running in its labs. Dell is aware of the demands from businesses for more energy-efficient technologies and wants to ensure it has the products to meet those demands, Norrod said.

Kiinalaisilla on lisäksi yritystä rakentaa Mipsin arkkitehtuurista omaan käyttöön vaihtoehto. Kiinalaisten päämotiivi on teknologia riippumattomuus USA:sta.

64-bittinen Arm on ilmeisesti myös tulossa jossain vaiheessa.

ARM has introduced its first 64-bit microprocessor architecture, ARMv8, which should enable wider use of ARM chips in servers and other enterprise equipment and turn up the competitive heat on Intel.
ARMv8 adds 64-bit addressing capabilities, an improvement over the current ARMv7-A architecture, which is capable of up to 40-bit addressing. The architecture puts ARM into more direct competition with Intel and its 64-bit Xeon processors.

Ilman 64-bittistä prosessointia ei serverimarkkinoille ole kunnolla asiaa.

By widening the integer registers in its register file to 64 bits, ARM v8 can store and operate on memory addresses in the range of millions of terabytes. Of course, in the near and medium term it won’t be feasible to build machines with such large memory capacities, and in reality even current 64-bit systems from Intel and AMD don’t support such large amounts of memory as a practical matter. But the move to 64 bits will put ARM on a more equal footing with x86 by removing future barriers to growth.


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