sunnuntai 23. lokakuuta 2011

Arm Cortex A15 ja A7

The A15 is a 15-stage out-of-order architecture, which makes it the same length as the venerable Intel Core 2 (Penryn) that has only recently been booted from all of Apple’s machines. Fifteen stages used to be fairly long pipeline, but by today’s standards it’s modest. Nonetheless, this deep pipeline means that the chip will scale to higher clock frequencies—indeed, it will need to scale to higher frequencies to get more performance—and higher frequencies mean more power. So A15′s pipeline is the first place where you can see the scales tipped slightly in favor of performance over power.

Armin Cortex A15 tuo Arm arkkitehtuuriin huomattavan tehonlisäyksen.

Armista tulee riittävän tehokas myös perinteisempiin pc sovelluksiin.

Big.Little arkkitehtuuri yhdistää A15 ja A7 energiatehokkaaksi ratkaisuksi.

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