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3D printterit kykenevät tulostamaan piirejä 2 vuoden sisällä

“Printing actual circuit boards is very close,” says David ten Have, CEO of 3-D printing outfit Ponoko. “Most of the assembly tools are completely automated anyway. I’m guessing 18 to 24 months.”
Piirien tulostaminen avaa aivan uudenlaisia mahdollisuuksia elektroniikalle.

No, we’re not talking about printing the actual microprocessor. Asked when this will happen, ten Have laughs. “I don’t really know about that one,” he says. But he notes that some microprocessors are built with graphene, a typical 3-D printing substrate.

Varsinaisia mikroprosessoreita ei ainakaan lähiaikoina pysty kuitenkaan tulostamaan.
According to Autodesk CEO Carl Bass, the technology will reinvent more than just maintenance and supply-chain practices. It will reinvent workplace collaboration. Nike, Bass said, could use 3-D printing technology to send prototypes of new sneakers between offices. The West Coast team could print the new design sent over the wires from the East Coast team, mark up their changes, and then send back a modified file, complete with design feedback — all in an afternoon.

Varaosalogistiikkaa voitaisiin yksinkertaistaa suuresti tulostamalla varaosat asiakastarpeen mukaan.



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