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HP ja Caldexa

Energy is often the biggest recurring expense for really big data centers, like the ones that Microsoft, Google, Apple, and Facebook use to power their online.



H-P said it will use the Calxeda technology, based on chip designs licensed from ARM Holdings PLC, as the first part of what it calls a server development platform, dubbed Redstone. The initial system can pack more than 2,800 servers in a single rack—the refrigerator-sized enclosures that ordinarily are outfitted with dozens of conventional servers. For some Web-related chores, such low-power servers can reduce energy consumption by as much as89% and use 94% less space, H-P said.

Myös Dell huhujen mukaan harkitsee Caldexaa, perinteisesti Dell on ollut lähellä Inteliä ja HP:llä on myös paljon prosessoriyhteistyötä Intelin kanssa (Itanium).

Project Moonshot consists of a lab, server development platform and ecosystem. If successful, HP will enable its customers to kick the tires of ARM servers. HP said in a statement that the server development program—the HP Redstone Server Development Platform—will use Calxeda’s EnergyCore ARM Cortex processors.

Arm on edullinen Linuxille, koska Microsoftilla ei ole samanlaista ohjelmistokantaetua Armilla kuin sillä on x86-arkkitehtuurissa.



Micro Serverit ovat nyt muodikkaita. Energia, Energia, Energia.

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