lauantai 5. marraskuuta 2011

Kovalevytuotanto pahoissa ongelmissa

From a technology perspective, hard drives face the biggest threat. According to Western Digital, 40 percent of the world's hard drives are produced in Thailand, including 60 percent of WD's own production. As a result of the flood, the company will be able to make less than half the number of hard drives it normally produces.

Ilmeisesti vähäintää puolet maapallon kovalevyjen tuotantokapasiteetistä on nyt seis.

“You really can’t grow and expand the Internet without the expansion of storage hard drives,” explained John Monroe, research vice president at Gartner. “There are an awful a lot of ramifying impacts that are being incompletely considered here.” He noted that if Google and Facebook, for example, cannot gain access to enough high-capacity hard drives for Internet storage, the Web could suffer major problems.

Ilmeisesti vähintään 50 miljoonan yksikön vaje on tuotannossa vähintään seuraavan 2 kvartaalin ajan.

Hintojen ennustetaan nousevan vielä rajusti.

SSD asemien hinnat eivät ilmeisesti ole vielä ehtineet nousta mutta kriisin pitkittyessä niistäkin voi tulla pula.

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