maanantai 14. marraskuuta 2011

Nvidia ehdottaa GPU ohjelmointi standardia

Nvidia Corp., Cray Inc., The Portland Group, Inc. (PGI) and The Center for Analysis and Prediction of Storms (CAPS) have unveiled ‘OpenACC’, a directives-based programming initiative the firms hope will become an industry standard for parallel computing.

Nvidia ja Cray ehdottavat GPU ohjelmointiin parallelisointistandardia.
The approach aims to facilitate the acceleration of applications on both CPUs and GPUs, without modifying the underlying code, making it easier for scientists and researchers to efficiently use parallel programing on heterogeneous CPU/GPU systems.

Initially, existing compilers from Cray, PGI and CAPS will support OpenACC, which is also compatible with Nvidia’s CUDA parallel programming architecture, as well as being multi-platform and multi-vendor compatible. Nvidia’s competitor in the GPU space, as well as a provider of high powered CPUs, AMD, is not part of the initial OpenACC initiative, though Nvidia says it hopes other firms will be quick to adopt it as a standard.

Mathematica 8:lla voi myös generoida GPU koodia.

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