tiistai 1. marraskuuta 2011

ShenWei SW-3

Before the Sunway was uncloaked, Dongarra was expecting China to reveal a computing cluster based on an eight-core chip its engineers were developing under the “Loongson” or “Godson” name. Instead, the Sunway uses a previously unknown chip dubbed the “ShenWei SW-3.” Harnessing 8,700 of these chips, the cluster can, in theory, handle more than 1,000 trillion calculations a second — aka a petaflop.


That will likely put the Sunway among the top 20 fastest supercomputers when Dongarra and crew unveil their official list next month. For the University of Tennessee computer scientist, this shows that China is gaining ground on the big American chip-makers faster than expected. “China hasn’t done much in the way of microprocessor development over the past 20 years,” he says. “But it won’t take them 20 years to catch up. It’s going to take them a very short time.”

Kiinalaisten investoinnit mikroprosessoriteknologiaan ovat ilmeisesti valtavia, koska se on pystynyt lyhyessä ajassa suunnittelemaan useita prosessoreita, jotka ovat hyvin lähellä maailman huippupiirejä suorituskyvyssä. Kiina on ilmeisesti edistynyt huipputeknologiassa paljon aikaisempia arvioita nopeammin ja on hyvin lähellä parhaita Länsivalmistajia.


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