maanantai 5. joulukuuta 2011

Samsungilta 2Ghz Arm Cortex A15

Vaikka tarjolla on jo 1,5 GHz ARM-piirejä, uusi 32 nm prosessilla valmistettava Exynos 5250 tulee olemaan uuden arkkitehtuurin myötä tuplasti aikaisempaa Cortex-A9-sukupolvea nopeampi. Exynos 5250:n ominaisuuksiin kuluu muun muassa 2560x1600-resoluution tuki, DisplayPort, SATA, UART, USB 3.0, eMMC4.5 sekä eSD3.0.

Arm Cortex A15 on 64-bittinen ydin.

Compute performance is expected to double over their 1.5 GHz Cortex-A9 based Exynos processors, and memory bandwidth is quoted as 12.8 GB/s, a huge jump over their prior bandwidth. Unfortunately the release didn't clarify the origin of the bandwidth leap. It also didn't discuss the on package GPU. Graphics performance will reportedly quadruple over their earlier Exynos models, which could eclipse the current graphics king, Apple's A5 SoC.
After initiating clean room construction for S2 in August 2010, the company completed the qualification of the process in just seven months and has ramped to a production capacity of 40,000 wafers per month in just five months, since the first silicon wafer was produced last May. Both the completion of the automated 300mm clean-room fab and the targeted capacity ramp has been achieved in record time.

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